Application Process FAQs

Check the listings at Ed-Join using the Ed-Join link.
No, all applications must be submitted online through Ed-Join. You may wish to use a friend or family member’s computer or visit your local public library.
If you received a confirmation e-mail, we have received your application. If you did not receive an automated e-mail response within 4 hours, please re-submit your application.
If the position is still listed on Ed-Join it is still available. All positions are removed from Ed-Join once a position is filled.
Yes, here is a link to information for the New Haven Induction Program.
Please refer to your credential and/or the CTC Web site to determine what you are credentialed to teach.
Required documents are a cover letter, resume, and letters of recommendation. No other attachments are required.
No. Transcripts are not required and will only be requested if selected for a position.
Please contact the Ed-Join help desk at (888) 900-8945. They will be happy to assist you.
No. All attachments must be attached to your Ed-Join application. No hard copy or e-mail attachments will be accepted.
No. New Haven Unified is unable to provide that service. We recommend you visit a Kinko’s, UPS Store, Office Depot, etc. Many of these places are able to scan your documents and save them to disk or CD for a small charge.
Attached documents must be formatted in one of four formats: .rtf, .pdf, .jpg or .txt. The preferred choices are .pdf or .rtf. Each document cannot exceed 1 MB (megabyte) in size. For more information on attachments, visit Ed-Join's Frequently Asked Questions.