Resources for Transition Age Youth


Transition Partnership Program (TPP) Senior’s Transition Resources – Click Here

IEP planning for Transition Age Youth

Career Assessments & Interest Inventories

Classroom Activities and Materials

Career and Employment Resources for youths age 16 – 24

Mission Valley ROP – Marketing/Merchandising class for students with disabilities

Transition Faires (annual)

College Prep, Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS), College Accessibility

Adult Transition Education Program

For students who are 18-22 and on a Certificate of Completion track, the district operates a Community Based Instruction program, Adult Transition and Education Program (ATEP). This program is a blend of individual IEP goals, community outings and instruction, and job placement and coaching.

Government Agency Support

Supported Living

Selective Service Information sheet for 18 year old males

9th grade students – Self Assessments

10th grade students – Career Exploration

11th grade students – Career Exploration and Job Search

12th grade students – Career Readiness & Transition from High School

Community Advisory Committee 2023-2024 Brochure

Community Advisory Committee and Parent Engagement

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