Special Olympics

Mission Valley SELPA is proud to announce that we will be working with Special Olympics Northern California and its Schools Partnership Program!



What is the Schools Partnership Program?

It is a unique education program in K-12 public schools that unifies disabled and non-disabled students to bring acceptance and respect to schools. Special education students receive training and compete in three sports – soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter and track & field in the spring. It’s not just about sports as the lessons learned on the field transfer to the classroom and into real life.

What Does It Mean for the Special Education Students and Teachers?

The special education students will practice and compete during the school day in the three sports, culminating in an inter-school competition. For many of these students, it will be the first time they’ve competed in a sport or had their friends and families cheer them on. The teachers can use the practice time not only to work on students’ social and physical skills, but also as a classroom tool to enhance curriculum and motivate students. All activities occur during the school day.

What Does It Mean for the General Education/Non-Disabled Teachers and Students?

It’s a great opportunity for general education students to interact with their disabled peers. They can help or cheer during practices and competitions, organize rallies to promote acceptance and respect for all, and more!

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