Digital Services

Created in October 2020, the Digital Services Department’s core purpose is twofold; (1) to integrate technology services and educational services; and (2) to create a staff structure to support our communication efforts.

To that effort, the Technology Department, which was previously housed in the Business Services Division, was brought under the umbrella of the Division of Teaching and Learning. In addition to Technology, the other focal areas of Digital Services are Data and Assessment and Communication.

Digital Services Staff

John Mattos, Director of Digital Services
Frank DeLapo, Director of Technology
Rania El Sioufi, Coordinator of Assessment and Evaluation
Victor Guzman Benitez, Communication Systems Specialist


John Mattos

Director, Digital Services

Teaching and Learning

Joyce Walker

Staff Secretary, Assessment and Evaluation

Teaching and Learning

Frank DeLapo

Director of Technology


Isis Ochoa

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Digital Services, Teaching and Learning and Director of Technology

Tony Hampton

System and Storage Specialist


Patricio Celis

Network System Specialist


Paula Hague

Computer Operations Specialist


Mauricio Gonzalez Nino



Doug Jorgenson

Information Systems Specialist


Rania El Sioufi

Coordinator, Assessment and Evaluation

Teaching and Learning

Victor Guzman Benitez

Communication Systems Specialist

Teaching and Learning