Complaints Against District Employees

New Haven recognizes its accountability to the public for the quality of the district’s educational program and the performance of district employees. The district shall provide a process by which a complaint submitted by any person regarding an employee can be resolved impartially, expeditiously, and with minimal disruption to district operations and the educational program.  New Haven encourages that every effort shall be made to resolve complaints against District employees informally at the school, program, or department level. If the complaint is not resolved informally, a formal complaint can be filed in accordance with New Haven policies, which are listed below.  

Questions or concerns related to complaints against a District employee should be forwarded to:

Marcus Lam, Director, Student and Family Services
725 Whipple Road
Union City CA 94587
(510) 476-2625


Complaints Against School Employees by a Student, Family, or Community Member
Should a student, family, or community member have a complaint against a New Haven employee, they should complete a Complaint Against a District Employee form and submit it to the site administrator or Marcus Lam, Director of Student and Family Services.  Complaints will be reviewed and investigated according to New Haven Board Policy 1312.1 (Complaints Concerning District Employees).

Complaints against a New Haven employee can be filed anonymously.  In addition, New Haven prohibits retaliation against complainants.

Complaints Against District Employee by Another Employee
Should an employee believe there is a misapplication of New Haven’s policies, regulations, rules, or procedures or for “whistleblower” complaint by an employee or job applicant regarding an improper district activity including, but not limited to, an allegation of gross mismanagement, a significant waste of funds, an abuse of authority, or a specific danger to public health or safety, a complaint can be filed.  New Haven encourages the complaint be resolved through an informal process involving the school principal or complainant’s supervisor but if it can not be resolved in this way, a formal complaint can be filed.

Complaints by a New Haven employee against another New Haven employee shall be addressed in accordance with New Haven Board Policy 4144 (Personnel Complaints)

The identity of a Complainant may be kept confidential, except to the extent necessary to investigate the complaint and New Haven prohibits retaliation against complainants.

New Haven is committed to supporting the safety and well-being of district students and desires to facilitate the prevention of and response to child abuse and neglect.  All New Haven employees are mandated reports, as defined by law and administrative regulation, and are obligated to report all known or suspected incidents of child abuse and neglect.

In the event there is reasonable suspicion a child has been abused the person observing the suspicion must be reported to Child Protective Services or the Union City Police Department.  Reasonable suspicion means that it is objectively reasonable for a person to entertain a suspicion, based on facts that could cause a reasonable person in a similar position, drawing on similar training and experience, to suspect child abuse or neglect.  Reasonable suspicion does not require certainty that child abuse or neglect has occurred nor does it require a specific medical indication of child abuse or neglect.

Union City Policy Department (510) 471-1365             Child Protective Services (510) 259-1800
When reporting child abuse the reporting person will need to submit this Suspected Child Abuse Report form.
Concerns around child abuse shall be addressed in accordance to New Haven Board Policy 5141.4 (Child Abuse).