COVID-19 Information

Updated COVID-19 Isolation & Testing Guidance (Effective 1/9/24)

On January 9, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) released updated COVID-19 isolation and testing guidance. In summary:
  • Isolation is no longer required for 5 days. Isolation is now a minimum of 24 hours from symptom onset, then individuals may return to work or school when they start to feel better and have not had a fever for 24 hours. They need to wear a mask around others for 10 days from when their symptoms started.
  • If an individual is exposed, testing is only recommended if the individual has symptoms, or is at a higher risk for severe disease and would benefit from treatment, or if they have contact with people who are at a higher risk for severe COVID-19 infection.
Why these changes? 
  • The CDPH is moving toward a symptom-based exclusion approach that is similar to other illness policies
  • To minimize the disruptive impact of isolation in schools and workplaces
  • The impact of COVID-19 has reduced compared to prior years due to broad immunity and readily available treatment
  • There is more immunity and less deaths and hospitalizations in the population
  • A significant proportion of COVID-19 infections are asymptomatic or include minimal symptoms

New COVID-19 Resources OCTOBER 2023 (Updated 10/19/23)

Here are two newly added resources from the California Department of Public Health:


1. When to Keep Your Child Home from School or Childcare. This is the guidance our school sites are now following.

Spanish Version

Chinese Version


2. When and Why to Wear a Mask

Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools (Updated 8/31/23)

From the California Department of Public Health:

Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools and Child Care Settings to Support Safe In-Person Services and Mitigate the Spread of Communicable Diseases, 2023-2024 School Year

Continuity of Services Plan (Updated 6/20/23)

Here is the most up-to-date Continuity of Services Plan:

Continuity of Services Plan June 20, 2023 Board Revision

Covid Update effective 3/13/23 (updated 3/20/23)

Hello New Haven students, staff and families,

On March 13, 2023, the California Department of Public Health released the following update to our Covid guidelines, which can also be read in its entirety here:

  • Removes recommendation to test in order to leave isolation before Day 10, if the individual is well with no symptoms, or symptoms are mild or improving and are fever free for 24 hours.
  • After ending isolation, persons may remove their mask sooner than Day 10 with two sequential negative tests one day apart.
  • Updates definition of infectious period

What does this mean for you?

Any student or staff member who gets infected with Covid-19 is still required to be isolated for 5 days, but can return to school or work on day 6 without a negative test, as long as symptoms are not present, or are mild and improving, AND they have been fever-free for the past 24 hours. The infected person must wear a mask for the full 10 days unless they have two sequential negative tests one day apart.

As always, please remain at home if you are sick, for the health and safety of yourself and the community.

Antigen-only testing in schools (updated 2/28/23)

Rapid results with antigen tests facilitate early access to lifesaving therapeutics. CDPH is changing to fully antigen-based testing strategies across the state to support early medication access. PCR/molecular testing phased out at the end of February 2023. We no longer offer PCR testing at James Logan. All sites have antigen tests available for students, staff and families as needed.

Testing after Thanksgiving/Fall Break (Updated 11/10/22)

California encourages all students and staff to test for COVID-19 before they return to school following Thanksgiving/fall break. Students and staff that test positive should stay home. Please note: While at-home testing is not required, testing remains a critical safety measure to reduce the possibility of an early 2023 surge.  

  • When should students and school staff test upon returning from Thanksgiving/fall break?

    If students and school staff have at-home tests in hand prior to returning to school from Thanksgiving/fall break:

    At minimum, students and school staff should test the day before or the morning of returning to school. Ideally, they should test 1 day prior/day of returning to school AND 2-3 days after returning to school. For example: if your school returns from break on a Monday, testing should be done on Sunday and Tuesday of that week.

  • For students and school staff who are well:

    If a student or school staff member tests negative for COVID-19, that individual can return to school if they feel well and have no COVID-19 symptoms.
    If a student or school staff member tests positive for COVID-19, that individual should stay home from school and both the school and doctor should be contacted right away.
    If an individual is not sure about the test results, then they should re-test at a school-based or community testing site.

  • What if a student or staff member has COVID-19 symptoms?

    The student or staff member can use their at-home test.

    If the individual tests positive: They should isolate per CDPH guidance and contact their healthcare provider to discuss treatment options, if eligible. The school should be informed about the positive test.
    If the individual tests negative: Talk to your school before they return.

Vaccine Verification Rescinded (Updated 10/3/22)

Vaccine Verification Rescinded: On September 17, 2022 the State Public Health Officer Order (August 11, 2021) concerning Vaccine Verification for Workers in Schools was rescinded. Additional information on the changes to Public Health Officer orders can be found in this CDPH Press Release.


Continuity of Services Plan (Updated 8/3/22)

Here is the most up-to-date Continuity of Services Plan:

Continuity of Services Plan August 2, 2022 Board Revision
Continuity of Services Plan April 19, 2022 Board Revision


Masking Guidance Info (Updated 6/2/22)

Here is the most up-to-date information on current masking guidance from our public health officials and district office. Use the following links:

New Haven Indoor Masking Flyer in English and Spanish:

Group Tracing Information (updated 1/25/22)

The NHUSD, based on recommendations from the California Department of Public Health and the Alameda County Public Health Department, is transitioning to Group Tracing for students and staff members who test positive for COVID-19. More information about this process can be found using the following links:

Archived COVID-19 Communications

Frequently Asked Questions About the Return to In-Person Instruction (updated 8/24/21)

The link below will take you to a document that addresses frequently asked questions about safety, vaccinations, and many other areas.

Frequently Asked Questions (Español Incluido)

NHUSD "In-Person Instruction Plan" (dated 9/14/21)

The Board of Education at their meeting on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, approved their "In-Person Instruction Plan".  Please click here to read the "In-Person Instruction Plan"

NHUSD "Return to In-Person Instruction Plan (dated 8/13/21)

On Tuesday, August 3, 2021, the Board of Education approved the Return to In-Person Instruction / Reopening Plan.  Please click here to read the In-Person Instruction / Reopening Plan.

Alameda County School Reopening Information & Resources (updated 8/24/21)

The Alameda County Office of Education has done an outstanding job of curating resources for school districts. They have provided districts with a guide that includes the current information from the CDC, CDPH, and the ACPHD along with other resources for students, staff, and families. We have provided access to this guide below.

ACOE School Guidance

Guidance (dated 7/7/21)

The current guidance and requirements from the State, public health agencies, and CalOSHA will enable the NHUSD to reopen for in-person instruction at all of our sites for the 2021-22 school year. We are expecting the State to issue revised guidelines, however all indications are that there will not be anything in these guidelines that will prevent us from fully reopening. 

We anticipate that this revised guidance will include updates on masking requirements for students and staff while indoors (and possibly outdoors). We also expect that it will also include updated details about cleaning, testing, contract tracing, and other COVID-19 related areas. We anticipate that they will be very similar to the procedures and protocols we are using in our summer school programs, which have been safely serving approximately 3,000 students for the past four weeks. 

The Alameda County Office of Education has done a great job of assisting school districts throughout and they have a guide that we are using to assist us in finalizing our reopening plans. This guide is updated regularly. Please click here to read the ACOE School Reopening Guidelines.

Parents who do not want to send their students back to school for in-person instruction will have the option of attending one of our independent studies programs. For more information about these programs, please visit the Distance Learning enrollment page on our website by clicking here.

NHUSD Board of Education Approves District’s COVID School Safety Plan (dated 3/9/21)

On March 9, 2021 the Board of Education approved the District’s COVID School Safety Plan. This plan is required by the State of California. This plan does not include specific reopening dates. The full plan is available below.

NHUSD Board of Education Approves District's Reopening Plan (dated 12/15/20)

At the meeting on December 15, 2020, the NHUSD Board of Education approved the District's reopening plan. This plan is required by the Alameda County Office of Education and the Alameda County Public Health Department. While this plan does not contain specific reopening dates, it does provide the framework for reopening as it relates to areas such as personal protective equipment, ventilation, contract tracing, and more. You can view the plan by clicking here.

Alameda County Moves to Less Restrictive "Orange Tier" (dated 10/13/20)

As case and positivity rates continue to trend in the right direction, Alameda was reclassified from the "red" to the "orange" tier in the State's classification system on Tuesday, October 13. For the NHUSD, this means that we can continue preparing for the next phase in our reopening process. The Alameda County Public Health Department and the Alameda County Office of Education also released a checklist for reopening and the district has been developing plans to ensure that all elements of the checklist are accounted for in our plan. A link to the checklist and the County's reopening guide can be found under the Alameda County Office of Education heading below. A draft of the NHUSD plan will be shared with the public at our school board on November 17. While the NHUSD is working diligently on our reopening plan, no date or timeline has been set for when schools will reopen.

County Moves to the Red Tier in the State's Reopening Process (dated 9/22/20)

On Tuesday, September 22, 2020, Alameda County moved into a less restrictive tier in the State's reopening plans. (Select this following link for more information: Blueprint for a Safer Economy). If Alameda County remains in this tier (or a less restrictive one) it will allow the District to consider moving to our Phase 2 plan which is a hybrid of distance learning and in-person instruction. Links to our hybrid schedules for Phase 2 can be found below:

Elementary Hybrid Schedule
Middle School Hybrid Schedule (Complete Cycle)
High School Hybrid Schedule

Distance Learning Resources

The District has developed resources for students, parents, and staff members to enhance and assist with distance learning. For access to these Distance Learning resources, please click here.

Alameda County Public Health Department
Alameda County Public Health Department

For current information from the Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD) please click here.

State of California and COVID-19

For current information from Governor Gavin Newsom’s Office and the State of California regarding COVID-19, please click here.

California Department of Education - Homeschooling FAQs. Includes ...

California Department of Education and COVID-19

For current information from the California Department of Education regarding COVID-19, please click here.

Alameda County Office logo

Alameda County Office of Education

L. Karen Monroe, Superintendent

Alameda County Office of Education

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