Donated Equipment

Staff members are occasionally approached by outside vendors or members of the community regarding possible donations to the New Haven Unified School District. While we are certainly interested in accepting appropriate donations, there are, as you would imagine, specific procedures, which must be followed. Please use the procedures listed below as a guideline regarding donations at your school.

  1. Contact the Principal and describe the situation.
  2. If the donation is approved by the Principal, obtain a description of the item, which would include brand, model, serial number, and approximate value.
  3. List the name of the company or person wishing to donate the item, their address, phone number, and contact person.
  4. Once these procedures are followed, a resolution is prepared by the district office to the New Haven Unified School District Board of Education for their acceptance of the donation. The actual receipt of the item cannot occur until the school board approves the donation.

When an individual or business wishes to make a donation of equipment or money to a school site, the “Request for Board Acceptance of Gift or Donation” form must be filled out completely. The completed form should be sent to the attention of the Director of Fiscal Services at the district office. You are not to accept the donation until the Board of Education approves it. You will be notified of that approval as soon as possible.

Please contact the Director of Fiscal Services at extension 2202, if you have any questions.