Specific Dates For Cut-Off Of Purchasing And Submission Of Requisitions For Next Fiscal Year

April 15th: Final date for submission of requisitions for materials and supplies for the current school year that are ordered from out of state vendors. This includes all projects.

April 30th: Final date for submission of requisitions for materials and supplies for the current school year. This includes all projects. Requisitions will not be processed that are received after April 30th unless they are deemed an emergency by the Assistant Superintendent.

May 30th: Final date for submission of annual order needs.

June 15th: The date for submission of requisitions for materials and supplies for the next school year is June 15th, yearly. All requisitions for materials and supplies needed to open school in fall should be submitted by this date. All requisitions received by that date will have purchase orders prepared to cover them as soon as possible. All requisitions received after June 16 will be processed as soon as possible, but only after those received prior to June 15 have been processed.

June 15th: Place Office Depot Advance Orders to start school.

June 20th: All outstanding purchase orders will be reissued and encumbered against your next year’s budget unless the Purchasing Department is notified by June 20th that the order is to be canceled. A purchaser order may also be cancelled by the Purchasing Department.

June 15th: All open purchase orders for classroom supplies will be closed and cannot be used after June 15th, yearly.

Purchase Requisitions

Purchase Requisitions are not Purchase Orders. They are requests to the district office to purchase material from an outside vendor.

Purchases made without an authorized Purchase Order from the Business Department will not be honored by the district.

Walk-through requests will not be accepted unless the order is a real emergency. Please plan ahead.

Procedures for Ordering

  1. Complete the Online Electronic Purchase Requisition with all pertinent data, including budget accounts; an adequate description of material, including vendor catalog; edition date, if a book; and quantity. Estimate the unit price if current price is unknown. Call Purchasing if assistance is required. Include a 8.75% sales tax and 10% shipping and handling as a general rule.
  2. Requisitions for purchase can only be requested by individuals authorized to commit funds for the individual programs. At most sites, this would be the Principal. Should delegation be desired, the Principal should send the names of the designated person(s) to Purchasing Department. A portion of our budget review will include validation of the requestor’s authority.
  3. When your requisition becomes a purchase order, it will be available in Optix, as well as online in Financial 2000. The Purchase Order number will be referenced on the budget report to indicate that the order has been encumbered against your budget.
  4. All material is to be shipped to the warehouse or to Logan receiving. Some large bulk orders may be delivered directly to the school or department, but this decision will be made by Purchasing.
  5. All returns are to be handled through Purchasing. Do not contact the vendor directly. Complete a “Merchandise Return Form”, sending the original to Purchasing and a copy along with the merchandise to the District Warehouse.

Preview Material

  1. When preview material is requested, a Purchase Order number will be assigned. If you do not have advance knowledge (i.e., a demonstration at your school), contact the Purchasing Department by phone for a number and then follow-up with a completed requisition.
  2. All material will be shipped to and returned through the Purchasing Department. This will enable us to track the material and follow the proper shipping practices.
  3. The Purchase Order number must be used as a reference at all times.
  4. Notify the Purchasing Department before the 30-day preview period has lapsed whether the material is to be kept or returned.

Teacher and Employee Pick-up Orders

Teacher and employee pick-up orders are to be used only for goods that are immediately needed or where the company does not deliver. Pick-up orders do not allow for back orders. If the item is not available, cancel and reorder when it is available. Pick-up orders have a limited open period that will be no longer than two weeks and will not be extended.


Requisitions need to include the title of the conference or workshop, date, site of event, and list of people attending. A copy of the ‘approved’ “Travel/Conference Approval & Expense Claim Form” (BU69) must be attached to your requisition. Do not submit a requisition if you have prepaid your conference. On prepays, use a reimbursement form.

Hotel/Airline Reservations

These requisitions need to cite the same information as above. The audit trail needs to reference the reason for this type of reservation.

Media Orders

All book orders should be in alphabetical order by book title. Include the ISBN number and price of each book. All orders must be typed.

Include any catalog requests with your requisition.