Chromebook Insurance Options

Families may purchase private insurance for student Chromebooks with the understanding that it is a personal agreement with the insurance company, and that NHUSD is not a party to that agreement. Insurance is optional, but highly recommended! The student’s legal parent/guardian is responsible for all repair or replacement costs of any uninsured Chromebook device and will be billed accordingly for damages.

To help prevent loss of or damage to the Chromebook, students will be held responsible to care for their school-assigned Chromebook, per the NHUSD Responsible Use Policy and Computer Check-Out Agreement, regardless of insurance status. If the Chromebook is returned to the school with any damage or is lost, the student will be responsible to pay for the loss/damage following the current Chromebook Price List (below). 

For your convenience, NHUSD has partnered with U-PIC Insurance Services to provide an affordable insurance option for student Chromebooks through which all repairs and replacements are completed by the school district.

To learn more or to purchase a policy, please go to or complete the form below.

New Haven Unified reserves the right to bill parents/guardians for the cost of Chromebook replacement parts purchased to repair/replace damaged/lost Chromebooks. Through our volume pricing agreements with vendors the cost of these parts is lower than retail pricing.

Please refer to the table below for Chromebook parts pricing (*).

List of Most Commonly Replaces Parts

ACER Spin 311/5100 (touch-screen model)
Top cover $20.00
Bottom cover $20.00
LCD touch-screen $191.00
Keyboard $12.00
Battery $52.00
Motherboard $216.00
AC Power adapter/ charger – type C $20.00
Device Replacement cost $325.00

*Parts pricing is subject to change by vendors. Updated pricing will be reflected on parent bills.

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