Below are links provided by the carriers of our medical plans.  Please use them to see what the plans offer.  To compare plans use the chooser link provided by CalPERS. 

Summary of Coverages 2024

 Virtual Benefit Guide for each plan offered by NHUSD is below.

Enrollment & Cancellation Information

You can request cancellation of coverage at anytime.

To begin coverage outside of open enrollment you must have a loss of coverage letter, to add dependent coverage if you have a permitting event, such as marriage, birth of child etc. 

NOTE: Forms and documents must be turned in prior to the month you would like to start coverage. 

Example:  If you request April 1 effective date of coverage your forms must be turned in no later than March 31. 

To enroll, add dependent/s, spouse or cancel coverage you must fill out the forms below for your employment classification.

Required Documents for Enrollment

To insure dependent children

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card

To insure spouse

  • Marriage License
  • ID (Drivers License)
  • Social Security Card

If you have questions regarding health plans, use this link to the CalPERS web page.

Enrollment forms for medical and dental are below