Authorization Forms

These Authorization Forms guidelines have been prepared for your information. To enable the Payroll Department to process payroll in an efficient manner, all of the guidelines should be followed. Any questions relative to these guidelines should be directed to the Payroll Department at extension 62618.

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All individuals signing time cards are fully responsible for the submission of paperwork to obtain approval for overtime, release time, and extra substitutes.

Substitutes filling in for regular teachers need to be coded to the appropriate account on the “Authorization for Extra Work Days/Release Time” form (F6). It is the responsibility of the site administrator and his/her staff to ensure that the proper coding is placed on the authorization to distinguish between the regular General Fund programs and those of categorical or other special funding sources. This is paramount, especially in areas that we need to charge for these services, such as SELPA for special education costs. “Authorization for Extra Work Days/Release Time” forms for certificated staff are to be approved by the Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services. Those for classified staff are to be approved by the Director of Fiscal Services.

Classified and certificated overtime (white time cards) and certificated school business (blue time cards) must be substantiated by a signed copy of the “Authorization for Extra Work Days/Release Time” form (F6) form which does not have to be attached to the time card.

By signing the time card that relates to overtime and release time, you will be verifying that you did, in fact, submit all of the necessary paper work and that the paperwork was approved.

It is the responsibility of the person signing the card to indicate the appropriate budget code, title of project, etc. to which the individual’s salary should be charged.

The Payroll Department will match up time cards and authorizations.

An issue has been raised concerning the additional period (6th period) that a substitute can work and where it should be charged. Whether the substitute is teaching a class or doing some other activity, it should be reflected on the time card and paid out of the regular school site substitute account, unless it is directly related to a specific categorical program or to special education classes for which the substitute teacher was hired.

Note: Please be sure that “Authorization for Extra Work Days/Release Time” form (F6) are submitted in advance of the event (i.e. staff development days, etc.) and that they have the proper budget code to be charged. These forms can be found in the Personnel Section of Forms and Print Services.