New Haven Unified works with all families wishing to transfer their child into New Haven or between schools within New Haven.  Approval of all student transfer requests depends on space availability at the requested school site.  

All transfer applications will be available on January 1 of the current school year and must be submitted by March 20th, before the next school year.  For example, families wishing to apply for a transfer in the 2024-2025 school year can access an application on January 1, 2024, and submit it by March 20, 2024.  Late applications will be accepted and approved if space is available, which may not be determined until after the school year begins.  At the latest, a family will be informed of a final decision ten days after the start of the school year.

Transfer requests submitted during the school year will be reviewed and approved based on space availability.


INTRA-DISTRICT TRANSFERS (Transferring BETWEEN New Haven schools)
All students who live within the New Haven boundaries are assigned to a school based on their resident address.  If a residing student of New Haven wishes to attend a school other than their resident school, they can apply for an INTRA-district transfer by:
•Enrolling into New Haven at their resident school,
•Complete an Intra-District Transfer Request form and submit it to the Centralized Enrollment Center by March 20.  Late applications will be accepted.
•If/When space is available, the student’s family will be contacted to accept a transfer offer.  
•Students who are residents of a school have priority to attend that school.
•Visit our Enrollment FAQs page for more information about INTRA-district transfers

Intra-district Transfer Request Forms
2024-2025 School Year (Fillable PDF after you download the form)

INTER-DISTRICT TRANSFERS (Transferring INTO New Haven from another District)
New Haven welcomes students who reside outside of New Haven boundaries to participate in our academic programs.  For a student to transfer into New Haven, they must be enrolled in their district of residence and be approved by their resident district AND New Haven to attend a New Haven school. Applicants MUST follow the steps below:
1. Enroll for school in your child’s school district of residence.
2. Complete this New Haven Inter-district Transfer Agreement form.  Submit your completed application to your district of resident’s enrollment department for approval.  Please let us know if you are applying to transfer to New Haven.
3. Apply for enrollment into New Haven using our Aeries Online Enrollment platform and complete the enrollment process for the appropriate school year.  You can do this ahead of time to reduce the amount of time for New Haven to enroll your child should their application be approved.
4. Once you have submitted your enrollment application, an enrollment staff reviews the application will contact you about the next steps.
5. The first three steps must be completed by March 20th to meet the transfer submission deadline.  Late applications will be accepted.
6.  After your child’s district of residence approves a transfer, New Haven will review your application.  If approved, you will be officially enrolled in New Haven.

Alameda County Districts begin approving inter-district transfer requests no earlier than March 1.  Your district DOES NOT have to approve your application before March 20th for New Haven to honor your meeting of our transfer submission deadline.  

Visit our Enrollment FAQs page for more information about inter-district transfers.

For transfer questions, please contact Hollie Carcallas ( at the  Centralized Enrollment Center.

Centralized Enrollment Center at the Union City Family Center
725 Whipple Road
Union City, CA 94587
Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm