Office Depot

Information about Office Depot and their services

Items in the Office Depot catalog are given to the district at an approximate discount of 40%, with the exception of furniture and business machines, which must be approved by the Chief Business Officer before these purchases may be made.

Contact the Purchasing Technician at extension 2210, or the Administrative Assistant at extension 2220, if you have any questions about the Office Depot Just In Time program.

Information about district policies

To use the Internet service, you must have an “Open Purchase Order” for Office Depot through Purchasing. You also must have a “Do Not Exceed” amount on the purchase order which you must monitor and stay within that amount. If you need to exceed that amount, you must have your site administrator contact the Accounts Payable Department in writing (i.e., e-mail or memo form), and this must be done before exceeding the amount on the purchase order.

Back Orders – Items that are not available at the time of your order are listed as “Back Orders” on the Internet process. The district has a policy that items on back order for two weeks will be cancelled and you may reorder on your next order. To make this cancellation happen, you must fax the cancel request to Office Depot. The district is not billed for a back ordered item until it has shipped.

Substitutions – Office Depot will not substitute items for you.

The Internet Order Process

The Business Department will arrange for training on Internet online ordering. After training you will receive office Depot’s Internet User’s Guide, your password, and log-on information. The user’s guide is a useful tool and should be referred to first if you are having a problem completing an order.

Protocol for maintenance of the order

When placing your order on the Internet, there is a screen that is labeled “Additional Order Information” and on that screen a field called “Comments”. In that field, you will need to enter your first name and last initial and your location (i.e., Technology, Instruction, Room 26, etc.) so your order will be delivered directly to you.

You must print out a copy of the order before hitting the “Purchase Now” button. This paper work will be the actual purchase order. Please make sure this is done as the system will allow you to continue without making this copy, and there is not a way of going back and making this copy. This will also be the paper work you will use to compare to the packing slip.

Write down the “Sales Order Number” before hitting the “Purchase Now” button in case the system does not kick back a confirmation. You will need this number if you need to track the order.

Returns/Receiving of the order

Hold all packing slips until the order is completely received at your site. Sign off on each packing slip and turn all paper work (including the order) to Purchasing. Please enclose the “sticky back” packing slips and the “NCR” packing slips. Remember, it is important to take the time to thoroughly compare the packing slips to your order. There should always be paper work to be signed off when the delivery person makes a delivery. Be sure to ask for it if it is not offered for signature, and make sure that anyone else who will be taking deliveries from the delivery person is aware of this paper work.

Problems with your order vs. the packing slip

The following is the contact for Office Depot in the event you encounter difficulties with you online orders:

BSD Customer Service: 1-888-2-OFFICE (1-888-263-3423)

For Delivery, Order, and Product Related Questions

BSD Technical Support Desk: 1-800-269-6888


Any item(s) to be returned must be sealed in the original packaging and the packing slip securely attached.

On the packing slip, the same information that was sent to Office Depot customer service should be listed.

Make sure that someone else besides yourself at your site is aware that Office Depot will be coming to pick up a package just in case you are not there when the pick up person arrives. Make sure that the pickup person has paper work for the item they are picking up since that is how we will receive the credit. If the item is not picked up within five days, let Office Depot know of the situation.

If you have any questions, contact the Purchasing Department.